Wedding Photography Styles

When you are researching wedding photographers you will often see reference to different wedding photography styles. Some of the styles you may see mentioned are, traditional, reportage, documentary and candid. You are probably thinking well what do these terms actually mean? Here is a brief explanation: –

Traditional photography

Traditional wedding photography style can be defined as the formal photos where people are “posed” and looking towards the camera. This type of photography requires direction and control by the photographer. Family and friends group photos are a good example of traditional photography.

Candid photography

Candid photography captures moments spontaneously as they happen. The photographer will often use a long zoom while capturing candid moments so the subjects are often unaware they are being photographed.  This results in very relaxed natural images.

Documentary/ Reportage Photography

This is where a set of manual pictures are taken to form a photo story. The photographer will capture the details, moments and emotions of your special day.  The resulting images will tell the story of your wedding day. This style is often less formal than traditional styles of photography.  You will not be expected to pose and shots will not be staged, except maybe a few group photos of your wedding party and portraits of the bride and groom.

We are often asked by prospective clients to define what our photography style is. After photographing weddings for a decade we have developed our own style which is a mixture of all the photography styles mentioned above.

At our pre-wedding consultation, we ask the bride and groom if they have any preferences on photography style. We will chat about them and their wedding plans.  This helps us to understand how their wedding day will run and what makes them tick.  Most couples tell us that they hate having their photo take (often their last memory of formal photographs will be school photos of which most of us have bad memories!). They also say that they don’t want the photography to take up too much time on their wedding day. Good news we totally agree, we believe that any “formal” photography should take up a minimal amount of time so that the bride and groom and the guests can spend as much time “in the moment” as opposed to in front of a camera.

About 6 weeks before your wedding day we send the bride and groom a pre-wedding questionnaire so they can note the running times for their wedding day and make a note of any formal group photos they would like (if you don’t want any that’s fine by us – it’s your special day and it’s important for you to have it exactly how you want – although you may find that even if you don’t want any group photos your parents may be harder to persuade, but we will leave that up to you to negotiate!). We also know that planning the timings for your day can be quite daunting after all this is often the first time you have had to think about it! We are more than happy to help and advise you on timings.

We work as a husband and wife team at all our booked weddings. We have found that working in this way enables to capture more of your day, it stands to reason that one photographer can only be in one place at one time, whereas two can capture your day from different angles and different perspectives. As we all know a female and male perspective is often quite different, but we find that the images we both take complement each other beautifully resulting in a broader perspective of your wedding day.

Our motto is we are there to tell the story of your day not run it!