Wedding planning – how much does the average wedding cost?

It’s no big secret that planning a wedding can be very costly.  So how much does the average wedding cost?

When The Wedding Report 2017 compiled by landed in our inbox last week we couldn’t wait to read about the current wedding trends and costs.  The report was produced from the data from data supplied by almost 4,000 recently married couples to gain insights into wedding planning, spending and behaviours across the UK.

When you are planning your wedding you will want it to be unique to you, but our naturally inquisitive nature means that most of us like compare notes with others.  Here’s a small selection of the facts and figures from the report that we thought we would share with you.

uk wedding report 2017

As professional wedding photographers, we were pleased to read that 76% of those questioned indicated that they had booked a full-time professional photographer, with only 6% saying that they were using the free services of a friend to take their wedding photos.  Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life. So saddens us when, all too often, we hear from couples who have taken a friend up on the offer of photographing their wedding only to be very disappointed by the resulting set of wedding images.   While the offers are no doubt sincere and obviously will save you money entrusting such a stressful task to an untrained friend can be a risky business.  We also were also pleased to see that almost a quarter of those surveyed hired photographers with a second shooter.  We feel that working as a husband and wife team definitely adds value for couples who book our wedding photography services.  It allows us to capture all angles of their wedding day, for example during the ceremony Stuart will usually at the front of the church/room capturing the vows and the bride and groom’s emotions, leaving Nicola to capture the reactions & emotions of the rest of the guests together with full-length shots of the bride & groom from the back of the room.

The average wedding cost just under £17,000, without taking into account the cost of the honeymoon.  39% of those who took part in the survey said they had gone over their original budget.  The top 4 things that pushed them over budget were food & drink, the number of guests, honeymoon & wedding dress.

When setting a wedding budget it’s a good idea to sit down and discuss your ideas, wishes and plans with your partner and then draw up an agreed list of the most important items to you both.  Set a budget for each of the main items, for example, wedding venue, photography, wedding dress etc and then begin researching for suppliers within your agreed budget. Once you have found and booked you main wedding suppliers you will be able to work how much of your overall wedding budget is remaining for the items that are less importance to you both.

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Wedding Report 2017


Wedding Photography Styles

When you are researching wedding photographers you will often see reference to different wedding photography styles. Some of the styles you may see mentioned are, traditional, reportage, documentary and candid. You are probably thinking well what do these terms actually mean? Here is a brief explanation: –

Traditional photography

Traditional wedding photography style can be defined as the formal photos where people are “posed” and looking towards the camera. This type of photography requires direction and control by the photographer. Family and friends group photos are a good example of traditional photography.

Candid photography

Candid photography captures moments spontaneously as they happen. The photographer will often use a long zoom while capturing candid moments so the subjects are often unaware they are being photographed.  This results in very relaxed natural images.

Documentary/ Reportage Photography

This is where a set of manual pictures are taken to form a photo story. The photographer will capture the details, moments and emotions of your special day.  The resulting images will tell the story of your wedding day. This style is often less formal than traditional styles of photography.  You will not be expected to pose and shots will not be staged, except maybe a few group photos of your wedding party and portraits of the bride and groom.

We are often asked by prospective clients to define what our photography style is. After photographing weddings for a decade we have developed our own style which is a mixture of all the photography styles mentioned above.

At our pre-wedding consultation, we ask the bride and groom if they have any preferences on photography style. We will chat about them and their wedding plans.  This helps us to understand how their wedding day will run and what makes them tick.  Most couples tell us that they hate having their photo take (often their last memory of formal photographs will be school photos of which most of us have bad memories!). They also say that they don’t want the photography to take up too much time on their wedding day. Good news we totally agree, we believe that any “formal” photography should take up a minimal amount of time so that the bride and groom and the guests can spend as much time “in the moment” as opposed to in front of a camera.

About 6 weeks before your wedding day we send the bride and groom a pre-wedding questionnaire so they can note the running times for their wedding day and make a note of any formal group photos they would like (if you don’t want any that’s fine by us – it’s your special day and it’s important for you to have it exactly how you want – although you may find that even if you don’t want any group photos your parents may be harder to persuade, but we will leave that up to you to negotiate!). We also know that planning the timings for your day can be quite daunting after all this is often the first time you have had to think about it! We are more than happy to help and advise you on timings.

We work as a husband and wife team at all our booked weddings. We have found that working in this way enables to capture more of your day, it stands to reason that one photographer can only be in one place at one time, whereas two can capture your day from different angles and different perspectives. As we all know a female and male perspective is often quite different, but we find that the images we both take complement each other beautifully resulting in a broader perspective of your wedding day.

Our motto is we are there to tell the story of your day not run it!



Engagement news – social media sharing

Engagement news

Engagement news what to share

The question has been popped, you’ve said YES what do you do next?

In this era of 24/7 communication the temptation will be to head straight to social media to share your engagement news with your family, friends and indeed the world.

After the initial news post STOP AND CONSIDER  THE FOLLOWING  – it may be worth not over sharing your wedding plans or even sharing them at all on social media.

Couples that do over share run the risk of receiving unsolicited advice, the possibility of hurting the feelings of those friends or family that don’t make the wedding day guest list and even finding that they have self invited guests.

5 Tips for booking your wedding photographer

tips for booking wedding photographer

With some many weddings to choose from where should you begin?  Here’s a few tips we have put together for booking your photographer.

  1. Set a budget – bear in mind your wedding photos will be something to treasure forever.
  2. Book as soon as possible – popular wedding photographers are usually booked a year or more in advance so make sure you book in plenty of time to secure your chosen wedding photographer.
  3. Arrange to see several wedding photographers before you make your choice  – your wedding photographer is likely to be with you all day so it’s important that you feel at ease with them.
  4. Make sure any sample images you are shown were taken by the photographer – also ask to see full weddings not just the highlights.
  5. Check that you chosen photographer is insured – also check that they carry back up equipment.

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Happy New Year – 2016 weddings review

Happy New Year to all the couples and families we have had the pleasure of working with to date and those whose weddings we will be capturing in 2017.

2016 was a fantastic year for Bay Images we captured many weddings at beautiful wedding venues in Kent and across the South East.  We returned to some old favourites such as Marleybrook House, East Quay and the Marine Hotel and added some new ones to our list The Blue Pigeons at Worth & Ye Olde Plough, Bulphan to name a few.

Overall the weather gods were fairly kind to us and we didn’t have any weddings when it rained persistently.  Although we did experience extremely heavy rain and hailstones the size 10 pence pieces for part of a wedding we photographed at the end of June, where the reception was held in a huge teepee.  Mind you as one of the guests commented “It is Glastonbury weekend so what can you expect?!” Nevertheless in between the downpours we did manage to capture all the images we had planned to and the couple had a fantastic day.

2016 saw a huge range of wedding themes, from rustic to movie set glamour. We continued to be amazed by the creativity and personal touches we saw last year with many of our brides choosing to make a lot of their wedding decorations themselves.

2016 was the first full year that we flew our UAV (aerial drone) with Stuart having achieved his CAA licence towards the end of the previous year.  The drone allows us to offer an extra angle to our images and has been very well received.  We are looking forward to continue to use it to over that extra twist at our weddings in 2017.

We worked with and met some amazing people throughout the year and have been truly touched by the kind words we have received from both our couples and their families.  We are looking forward to photographing many more weddings in 2017.

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Click on the image below to review some our highlights from 2016.