Wedding Alphabet – E is for .. Emotions

E is for (wedding) emotions

Your wedding day is likely to be a roller coast of emotions; you most probably will laugh, cry, and go through everything else in between!

wedding emotions

As wedding photographers our job is tell the story of your wedding day including capturing all the emotional moments – we will not only create a beautiful set of wedding images for you, but provide you with images that will evoke the emotions you felt on your wedding day.

We realise that most people hate having their photo taken at the best of times, we therefore will ensure that you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible on your wedding day.  We also offer pre-wedding photo sessions which some couples find a useful way to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We have been together for over three decades so know each other fairly well 😉 enabling us to work unobtrusively as a team to ensure your wedding day is captured from every angle.  The experience we have gained photographing weddings over the last 7 years means that we can help ensure the day runs smoothly.  We often find ourselves reassuring nervous brides and grooms, liaising with other suppliers and guests and have even been known to repair a wedding dress to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and to ensure that our couples are as relaxed as possible.

Wedding emotions

Tips for controlling those wedding day nerves

  1. Ensure you have plenty of sleep, especially the night before your wedding day.  It is traditional for the bride and groom to not be together the night before the wedding so why not arrange for a night of pampering and relaxation with a few close girl friends or family?
  2. Make sure you have don’t skip breakfast on your wedding day. Eating is one way to stay calm on your wedding day! Make sure that you include carbohydrates and protein and ensure you have plenty of water to drink.  Even if you don’t feel hungry at all, try and have just a little something to eat, you need to keep your batteries charged.
  3.  Be organised! Create a schedule before your wedding and run through it with all your wedding party and suppliers before your big day.  Having a  plan will mean you’ll know where all your telephone numbers are, where everyone is supposed to be and what time they are supposed to be there.
  4. Leave for the church or wedding location in plenty of time. Allow yourself at least one hour more than you think you will need . Make sure you allow enough time for both you  and your bridesmaids to have hair and makeup done and allow extra time for dressing – it may have only taken the assistants in the bridal shop 10 minutes to help you into your wedding dress, but you should allow 2 or 3 times longer on the day.  You should also factor in time last minute arrangements and photos so be prepared! Good timing is essential if you want to stay calm on your wedding day.
  5. No matter how well prepared you are, don’t fool yourself into thinking nothing will go wrong. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, then if something doesn’t quite go according to plan you will take it in your stride. Remember, whatever the problem is, don’t let it ruin your day – take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding emotions

Wedding Alphabet – A is for ….

With the 2015 wedding season in full flow we thought it would be fun to run a Wedding Alphabet on our blog to include some beautiful wedding images, wedding trivia and tips along the way, so here goes…

A is for ailse

Aisles have certain general physical characteristics:

  • They are virtually always straight, not curved.
  • They are usually fairly long. An open space that had three rows of chairs to the right of it and three to the left generally would not be considered an “aisle”.
  • A wedding aisle will be the last walk that the bride takes as a single lady!
Outside wedding venue Kent

Outside wedding aisle – Marleybrook House, Kent










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There is a vast range of music to choose from for the bride to walk up the aisle – traditional choices are popular such as Bridal Chorus by Wagner – more often referred to as “Here Comes The Bride”.

Along with the Wedding March, Mendelssohn

“Radiant As A Bride” by Roy Todd has a more contemporary feel to it and could be the perfect accompaniment for you to walk down the wedding aisle to