Can’t decide whether to have a wedding album?

Not sure whether your budget will stretch to a wedding album – Kent Photographer, Nicola Blackledge, explains why you can’t afford NOT to have one!

Loxley Perfetto wedding albumHave you ever seen your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding photos? Most probably you were shown a set of loose prints or some prints arranged in wedding album.  Most probably they can be found tucked away in a cupboard or in an attic rarely seeing the light of, but nevertheless they are family heirlooms, a treasured piece of history that will most probably outlast much of today’s wedding photography.

For better or worse

With the advent of digital photography the traditional wedding photography business has changed beyond all recognition.  With a plethora of online companies and supermarkets offering printing services at rock bottom prices gone is the need for couples to rely exclusively on their wedding photographer for photos, wedding albums, framed prints and canvases, resulting in couples increasingly tempted to choose a digital image only photography package for their wedding.

In the 21st century most digital savvy couples expect copies of their wedding photographs in high resolution with a licence to print them as they please as standard, but should this mean that as professional photographers we don’t offer clients the option to invest in a hand designed wedding album?  Whilst some photographers choose to provide digital only packages at Bay Images we feel it is important to offer our clients a range of luxury albums and professional prints to offering them the opportunity to create a physical family heirloom.”Loxley wedding album

The Consequences of Not Printing Your Wedding Photographs

I often wonder what our clients do with the digital copies of their wedding photographs. Are the images ever printed as prints or made into albums. I hope so – what a shame if all the time and effort the couples had taken to ensure that their wedding was visually perfect from, the specially chosen wedding dress to the themed, handmade favours was wasted on a few post-wedding Facebook posts only for the disk/usb to be consigned to a drawer/cupboard?

Digital media vs Printed media

Digital Media Printed Media
Exists in fragile state – accidentally pushing the wrong button, viruses, coffee spillage could result in the loss of precious files. Physical item – harder to lose than digital folder
May be hard/impossible to view digital files with future software – conversion may be costly and time consuming If stored correctly professional prints and albums should last 100+ years
Easy to mislay a USB stick/disk Much more difficult to mislay or throw away an album or a box of prints
Won’t easily provide a family heirloom/historical record for generations to come An album or prints will provide a physical item for future generations to view and enjoy – think back to your parent’s and grandparent’s wedding album/prints.

How to preserve your wedding day memories
When stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, photographs printed on archival quality photo paper should last for 100+ years.

Wedding albums offer a great way to preserve your wedding images for generations to come.  Whether you choose the DIY wedding album and prints option or employ a professional to create you a hand designed wedding album or supply professional wedding prints the result will be that your memories and cherished wedding images will physically exist to be viewed by future generations.

Vint Cerf, a “father of the internet” and currently a Vice President at Google recently, said he is worried that all the images and documents we have been saving on computers will eventually be lost.

Watch Pallab Ghosh’s, science correspondent for BBC News interview the Mr Cerf.IMG_9205-Edit

Once your wedding dress is packed away and the last crumb of cake is eaten all you will be left with is memories – surely you owe it to them to ensure that they exist as more than “bits of information” by physically preserving them for future generations to come?

Bay Images Photography offers a range of wedding albums for all budgets ranging from a very popular Storybook Plus Package to our luxury hand designed albums from Loxley Colour.  Call 07881 588802 to find out more or view our wedding album range.